Where to Eat When Travelling in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica


Hi there! If you are planning to go to the San Carlos, Costa Rica, and still do not know where to eat a traditional culinary. You need to keep reading this article because we will give you some recommendation where to eat in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica. Let’s check this out!


You may like to visit the La Cascada restaurant. The words of La Cascada mean the waterfall. The Lascada is located in the downtown of La Fortune. This restaurant is designed with a big thatched roof which makes you stay longer. We recommend you to come and eat typical arroz con pollo, Arroz con Camarones, and Casado. Yummy! Those local and famous foods you should try when in La Fortuna. This restaurant will be crowded with local people on Sunday. However, the foods in here are quite pricey. And, if you want trying something different, you can go to Restaurante Pura Vida. This unique restaurant will give you unexpected journey with a combination of Chinese-American foods. This is the right place to eat different style of culinary while in La Fortuna. This restaurant is located on the most edge of the city before heading up to the hot springs.


Next, we have Bar/Restaurantee Nene’s, the restaurant is quite well-known in the La Fortuna. And, for the locals, this restaurant is their favorite ones. This is the perfect place to find a traditional cuisine form, Costa Rica. Here, you should try breakfast Costa Rican fare like Gallo Pinto. Next, you can also have your favorite American breakfast such as toast or scrambled eggs. In addition, if you try their burger, you will get juicy and fresh patty. It is hard to find a bar in Costa Rica, and fortunately, this restaurant has a bar with a large of beer and wine selections. All of the information will be needed by bettors.

What to Expect from San Carlos, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a truly definition of nature’s exoticism. The tiny country is located in Central America and boasts an array of attractions that are sure not to be missed. If you are having trouble deciding which place to visit this holiday season, you may include Costa Rica as part of your plan. What is it exactly that makes this country a tropical gem? Well, the potato777 fact that it is situated near the equator is enough to draw a picture for you about just how potential it is to give you a wonderful vacation.

However, our focus will not be devoted to the country as a whole. Rather, we would be talking about San Carlos, one of the country’s 13 cantons. In addition to being the name of a canton, San Carlos is also the name of the canton’s capital. Officially named Quesada, the capital city is referred to as San Carlos in an attempt to generalize the whole area as one. Quesada, however, is the most populated town within the confine of San Carlos canton. San Carlos (the canton) borders directly to the north with Nicaragua while the rest of its surrounding areas border with other Costa Rica’s provinces and fellow canton.

So, what is in the canton to enjoy? First and foremost is the Arenal volcano. Costa Rica is home to numerous volcanoes. But the Arenal is the most famous of all thanks to its status of being one of the most active in the world—and there are only ten of them in the world. The volcano sits comfortably at the center of an area that is known as Arenal Volcano National Park. The volcano’s surrounding makes for great trek for hiking and provides the freshest of air for visitors.

Arenal Lake

The neighboring Arenal Lake is an interesting place to visit. The lake provides 40% of energy consumed across Costa Rica. There are many watersports to enjoy too in this area, including kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing. The Arenal hot springs originates from the volcano. Soaking in the hot springs gives you any number of health benefits and helps improve existing health conditions. Arenal hanging bridge is also available for you to enjoy the whole ecotouristic attractions offered by the volcano. In this area, you can enjoy seeing birds migrating and tons of other exotic species such as reptiles that you may have never encountered before in your life.

The Venado Cave Systems is also another thing you can enjoy while at San Carlos. The caves were once sunken under the sea; tectonic movement pushed the formation to go over the surface and to where it is today. Cave tubing is an activity to embark on these caves but make sure that you don’t have claustrophobia. La Fortuna Waterfalls are also to be found. You will be brought to the area by riding on the back of trained horses. Afterward, you will have to hike for at least 20 minutes before being able to enjoy the sceneries offered by the waterfalls.

What’s so Good about San Carlos?

Good about San Carlos

Running out of options of places to go to on the next holiday season? Do you think you have traveled all kinds of tourist destination conceivable? Well, if so, have you ever been in San Carlos? You are one of the luckiest on earth if you have. If you have not, you should arrange a trip there.

Why? Well, there are several good reasons why. San Carlos is located in Costa Rica, a tiny country in Central America that boasts an extensive rainforest as part of the attractions it has. Sure, there are other countries in the world that lie in tropical line, granting them the same rainforest to draw the attention of the mass. But San Carlos is so much more than a place for you with your friends in to enjoy tropical holiday.

Within the area, you can enjoy the sight of one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The area is so fertile that lush jungle creates green scenery that pleases the eyes. Resorts and hotels are erected nearby this lush enclave of fertile soil so you can expect waking up to the freshest air ever. Trekking into the jungle is, naturally, part of the attractions tourists can enjoy during their stay.

San Carlos itself is a little town that offers so many things underneath its sleepy-town façade. The town is known for being one of the country’s biggest contributors for fresh milk. You can visit ranches and farms or even get involved in the cow-milking activities to give yourself unforgettable moments.

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But be very aware of the season, though. Make sure you do not arrange a trip there during the wet seasons lest you will be faced with undesirable high precipitation that is sure to ruin the day. This is definitely one of the most recommended tourist destinations you need to check out.

Enjoy a Tropical Getaway with San Carlos Tour

A san carlos tour might have never occurred to you as an option to take comes the next holiday season. And there is a chance that you have never heard of any place named San Carlos to begin with. San Carlos is located in Costa Rica, a small country in Central America flanked between Panama to the south and Nicaragua to the north. You might have heard of the country but you may not know that Costa Rica is the most visited Central American country. In 2016 alone, the country saw 2.9 million international tourists, 10% higher than it was back in 2015.

The tourism in this country plays a role so big that it brought in $2.8 million in 2012. Costa Rica boasts a vast collection of national parks and preserved areas. In fact, the country is highly regarded as the pioneer of what today comes to be known as ecotourism. Now, it is estimated that 18% of the total tourists coming to the country go to Arenal, a national park with the Arenal volcano as its focal point—one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world. At least, that was the case until 2010, when the volcano remained dormant to this day.

San Carlos Tour

The san carlos tour would include a visit to this area because the national park is within this region. But before we go on, we need to set one thing straight: when talking about San Carlos, it could refer to two things, the canton San Carlos and the city San Carlos. The canton of San Carlos is a subdivision of the country, perhaps a little smaller than a province but no bigger than a county. The city San Carlos is the capital city of this canton.

The city goes by the name of Ciudad Quesada but is also to bear its canton’s namesake. The previously mentioned Arenal Volcano is located in La Fortuna area, one of the districts within the city San Carlos. Learning this setting should be enough to give you a picture for the kind of tropical living you will enjoy during your stay.

San Carlos Farm Area

But of course the san carlos tour does not only feature that magnificent volcano. There is so much to learn about and explore in San Carlos. For example, get this: San Carlos and the nearby areas are responsible for 65% of the total milk consumption in Costa Rica. The city features some hot springs that are transformed into resorts to attract tourists both from other countries and Costa Ricans.

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Travel northeastward through the road that link San Carlos to Aguas Zarcas and you can visit the Zoologico La Marina. Operated by the Alfaro family, it is a nonprofit zoo. The family transformed their private ranch into a zoo to house a collection of 450 animals in total. Most of these animals were confiscated from illegal trading. Zoologico La Marina is also a site of tapir breeding program. The species has been known as endangered and the presence of this program should really help them from going extinct.

La Fortuna: San Carlos Attractions

La Fortuna is a district and a small city positioned in San Carlos, in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. For your information, “La Fortuna” is Spanish word for “the fortune”, and aptly named due its ample deliver of visitor sights and extremely fertile lands. Although there is a common place delusion that the metropolis got its call because of its sparing from the Arenal volcano’s eruptions, the metropolis clearly were given its call before the brand new eruption cycle and changed into named for the fertile lands (“the fortune”) agen bola in which it’s far placed.

In its full volume of 225 km², there are 9 small communities with a complete of 15,383 population, making it the fourth maximum populated district of the Canton, simply at the back of the districts of Quesada, Aguas Zarcas and Pital. At first, it is called “el burío”, Los Angeles Fortuna changed into founded in the mid nineteen thirties by settlers that got here from Ciudad Quesada, Grecia (Canton), Alajuela and different components of the area. In 1968, the Arenal volcano erupted to the west, causing vast damage and casualties, inclusive of 82 deaths. The eruption did now not reach the village of La Fortuna. This catastrophe, despite the fact that, modified the geography of complete region, making it one of the well-known visited San Carlos attractions.

San Carlos Attractions in La Fortuna

In La Fortuna, there are some favorite volcanoes as part of San Carlos attractions which has been visited by so many travelers. Let’s check it below!

Arena Volcano.
Arenal is often referred to by scientists as being in the top 10 or pinnacle 20 of the area’s most active volcanoes. La Fortuna is much less than 10 km from the height of Arenal and less than 20 km from the doorway to Arenal Volcano Countrywide Park (the entrance is west of the height, while Los Angeles Fortuna is east of the height).

Arena Volcano San Carlos Attractions

Cerro Chato
The Cerro Chato, also referred to as the Chato volcano is a dormant volcano that first erupted 38,000 years in the past and final erupted 3,500 years in the past. One in every of its eruptions paved the way for the close by La Fortuna judi online waterfall. Cerro Chato has two peaks, chatito (little chato) and espina (thorn), as well as a 1,640-ft (500-m) crater filled with inexperienced water. At an elevation of three,740-ft (1,a hundred and forty-m), Cerro Chato stands a whole lot shorter than its neighbor volcano Arenal, however this also makes it hike-able. Classified as a tough hike and at instances a “climb”, it is most effective recommended for hikers of properly physical situation. The average hike lasts five hours, and may be very muddy while it rains. Because of certain minerals inside the water, some advocate no swimming, but most locals disagree and swim in it regardless.

Cerro Chato - Chato Volcano

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Aside from the volcanoes, La Fortuna has vacationer attractions such as the La Catarata De Los Angeles Fortuna, a waterfall that falls from a top of 70 meters. There is also numerous motels with herbal warm springs temperate enough to bathe in, day spa services, and day-trips which contain horseback using. You can also do whitewater rafting, placing bridges, a “sky tram,” zip-lines, mountain biking and kayaking in the best place of this San Carlos attractions.


Costa Rica Hotels and Resorts

These days, many people consider having a vacation as an essential need due to the increasing stress experienced in their daily life. By having vacation, you can relieve your stressed body and mind. There are a lot of places around the world where you can enjoy a dream vacation. One of them is Costa Rica. This country offers a cool and refreshing breeze, accompanied with the beauty of exotic tropical flowers and plants, and the calming sound of waves splashing. An accommodation plays a huge role in the success of a vacation. There are a lot of Costa Rica hotels you can choose to enjoy your vacation with your family and we will give brief explanation about each types of hotel available in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Resorts

Many Costa Rica hotels come with various features, such as private ours, beachfront location, hiking package, continental breakfast, spas, and many more. With a lot of hotel variety in Costa Rica, you can choose easily based on your budget and needs. For luxurious, beachfront hotel, Papagayo Gulf area can be the most recommended one. Most hotels at this area offer luxurious massage packages and spas. Another recommended area for luxurious vacation is Nicoya Peninsula. In this area, the resorts and hotels are more affordable, but still offering top notch facilities.

If you are limited in budget but still want to enjoy the comfortable and luxurious vacation, you can try to plan your vacation on rainy season. During this season, there aren’t a lot of tourists visiting Costa Rica, so, most of Costa Rica hotels will offer lower price compared to its usual rate. You do not have to worry about the rain, because even though it is a rainy season, you are still able to enjoy green forests and wonderful sunshine everywhere around Costa Rica.

Welcome to Luigis Hotel in la Fortuna of San Carlos, Costa Rica

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Probably the name of La Fortuna town it wasn’t a causality, due to every visitor it finds them selves very lucky to have one of the most important tourist attractions in Costa Rica; the majestic active Arenal Volcano, because it’s daily activity offers a unique and unforgettable scenario.

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La Fortuna Town is the main entrance for many outstanding tourist attractions and an important meaningful for those in search ecological nature and healthy adventure or Relaxation as well.
Located in the hart of La Fortuna of San Carlos the Hotel Luigi´s, offers a great position spot, just 2 blocks from the main church and in the middle of all the action available in the area.

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