Month: December 2017

What to Expect from San Carlos, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a truly definition of nature’s exoticism. The tiny country is located in Central America and boasts an array of attractions that are sure not to be missed. If you are having trouble deciding which place to visit this holiday season, you may include Costa Rica as part of your plan. What is it exactly that makes this country a tropical gem? Well, the potato777 fact that it is situated near the equator is enough to draw a picture for you about just how potential it is to give you a wonderful vacation.

However, our focus will not be devoted to the country as a whole. Rather, we would be talking about San Carlos, one of the country’s 13 cantons. In addition to being the name of a canton, San Carlos is also the name of the canton’s capital. Officially named Quesada, the capital city is referred to as San Carlos in an attempt to generalize the whole area as one. Quesada, however, is the most populated town within the confine of San Carlos canton. San Carlos (the canton) borders directly to the north with Nicaragua while the rest of its surrounding areas border with other Costa Rica’s provinces and fellow canton.

So, what is in the canton to enjoy? First and foremost is the Arenal volcano. Costa Rica is home to numerous volcanoes. But the Arenal is the most famous of all thanks to its status of being one of the most active in the world—and there are only ten of them in the world. The volcano sits comfortably at the center of an area that is known as Arenal Volcano National Park. The volcano’s surrounding makes for great trek for hiking and provides the freshest of air for visitors.

Arenal Lake

The neighboring Arenal Lake is an interesting place to visit. The lake provides 40% of energy consumed across Costa Rica. There are many watersports to enjoy too in this area, including kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing. The Arenal hot springs originates from the volcano. Soaking in the hot springs gives you any number of health benefits and helps improve existing health conditions. Arenal hanging bridge is also available for you to enjoy the whole ecotouristic attractions offered by the volcano. In this area, you can enjoy seeing birds migrating and tons of other exotic species such as reptiles that you may have never encountered before in your life.

The Venado Cave Systems is also another thing you can enjoy while at San Carlos. The caves were once sunken under the sea; tectonic movement pushed the formation to go over the surface and to where it is today. Cave tubing is an activity to embark on these caves but make sure that you don’t have claustrophobia. La Fortuna Waterfalls are also to be found. You will be brought to the area by riding on the back of trained horses. Afterward, you will have to hike for at least 20 minutes before being able to enjoy the sceneries offered by the waterfalls.